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  • Retail Needs Modern Customer Loyalty

    I’m contracted to lead design for global consumer payment products, the BRIGHT Rewards products, and initiatives to incentive cross-brand shopping by customers from Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta, and partners. I create more intuitive design through user interviews, data analysis, and A/B testing.

    Landing Page for Customer Loyalty Program:

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    Landing Page for Credit Card Upsell Program:

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  • AI for Women Entrepreneurs

    I work at an innovative accelerator that produces an AI product to empower female business owners and startup founders to succeed with the help of machine learning and AI. I led all design from strategizing & conducting user research to executing branding, marketing collateral, and product iteration based on user feedback & KPI performance to improve user acquisition and customer happiness.

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  • Revamping America's #8 Bank

    I contributed to a universal style guide and component library for Capital One Commercial. The guidelines now apply to all products that face companies, banking with Capital One.

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  • “I didn’t get into this job to submit expense reports.”

    People spend most of their waketime at work, it shouldn't be full of bad user experiences. I helped craft a bespoke solution for the accounting staff and the employees they serve, evolving digital expense & cashflow management.

  • Reviews that could change lives.

    I lead end to end product design for a ratings & review app targeted at consumers that value diversity and inclusion.

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Interactive Widgets & Data Visualizations

I created interactive websites and used gamification to engage users in exploring data about politics, the U.S. economy, and world events.

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