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Help us create tools to hold the public and businesses accountable.

  • What is QReview?

    QReview is a a dedicated partner in the fight against discrimination. We provide access to actionable insights, consumer-sourced feedback, and tools to make businesses better.


    QReview will produce apps, plugins, and events to promote awareness and increase inclusion at local businesses. Rate, review, and earn rewards at inclusive businesses to make your city better.


    Think of us as a consultant in your pocket, with data on your customers’ values and best practices to improve experiences. Get the knowledge you need to create a welcoming environment for attracting and retaining business.

  • Why Now?

    Did you know nearly 66% of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people say they feel less safe since January 20, 2017? The numbers are similar across minority and other underrepresented groups. This is unacceptable.

    • Our Mission

      QReview’s mission is to provide actionable, consumer feedback on inclusivity at local businesses.

      We envision a world where anyone feels welcomed regardless of how they identify; along the way, we hope to change how all service providers and business owners create inclusive spaces.

  • Who is QReview?

    QReview was originally founded in 2015 by Kevin Hawkins and Kesha Garner to provide a rating system for LGBTQ safe spaces, addressing an issue they experienced personally and professionally. In order to expand their reach and address concerns by other minority groups, the platform was expanded to include more data and solve problems for more of the New Majority.

  • Kesha Garner

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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  • Kevin Hawkins

    Founder & Chief Product Officer

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How do we analyze businesses?

Discrimination is intersectional — so is our data. We track all of these factors in our customer reviews and business analysis.

  • Biological Sex

  • Gender Identity or Expression

  • Race or Ethnicity

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Cultural Background

  • Religious Affiliation

  • Physical Appearance

  • Mental Development

  • Physical Ability

  • Body Size

  • Socioeconomic Status

  • Age

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