About Me

    I started out as tech-savvy kid in Washington, DC with a background in web development and a passion for tinkering, and then I became a product design consultant to take ideas from thoughts to implemented experiences. I'm inspired by good causes, architecture, travel, and a desire to be challenged. Even when I was young, if I thought I had a better solution to something, I tried it (filed my first patent at 10). Let's create something special together.

    • Technology

      - Started coding at age 12.

      - Won Uber's Last Mile hackathon.

    • Cars

      - German automative nerd.

      - Can identify any US car in seconds.

    • Traveling

      - 42 States, 8 to go.

      - 9 Countries and counting.

    • Seafood

      - I'm pescatarian & love it.

      - I make a mean crab cake.

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